Local Area & Activities

Eating & Drinking


Cafe Cabana (Cafe & Restaurant, Cocktails & Ice Cream)



Restaurant Domschänke, Jähndorfstraße



Ristorante u. Pizzeria Venezia

San Marino, Italia

China-Restaurant Dynastie







Shanghai Thai China-Bistro

Local Area

Yoga, Rüdigershagen

Organic shop, Naturkostsommer Leinefelde


Bärenpark, Worbis

Worbis has become known for its bear sanctuary which is operated by a German animal welfare organisation.


Grenzlandmuseum, Teistungen

This museum is situated at a former major official border crossing station that existed between East and West Germany until 1989.


Gang car, Lengenfeld unterm Stein

Experience a trip in a gang car driving on rail tracks for more than 16 km.

Towns & Cities

Mühlhausen -is a medieval city with towers, churches, an almost never ending town wall and nicely renovated medieval houses are the landmark.


Duderstadt -the town is located on the German Timber-Frame Road.


Göttingen – is famous for its old university, which was founded in 1734 and became the most visited university of Europe. The centre of the city is an attractive place with many old timber-framed houses and you can enjoy lots of shops, cafes and bars.